Lead generation that can boost your business

Considering buying leads as part of your 2023 lead generation strategy? Maybe you’ve heard about zBuyer, a popular lead generation company that’s getting a lot of attention, and are wondering how it works and whether it’s right for you. Our zBuyer review is here to give you all the details! We’re going to take a […]

types of ceiling cracks with pictures (March 2023)

you + sharing it = us as best friends Cracks in ceilings can be a concern for homeowners. While most roof cracks may be cosmetic and do not cause serious problems, others may indicate more serious structural damage. this post covers different types of roof cracks with picturesSo that you can identify what type of […]

Andy Mattress Review & Bed Experience (Mar 2023)

you + sharing it = us as best friends Disclosure: Andy provided us with his mattress, pillows, and bedframe for our review. All opinions are our own. When we started The Canadian Condo Project, our goal was to create a design aesthetic exclusively with products from Canadian companies. Our first question was obvious: “Where are […]

Train Your Real Estate Agents to Pivot to a 2023 Sales Strategy

The challenge of being a real estate broker today is keeping your agents up to date and productive in this changing and changing market. Many marketing techniques and skills that work in a seller’s market are counterbalanced or less effective or completely irrelevant in a buyer’s market. Thankfully, you can train your real estate agents […]

7 Simple Ways To Generate More Real Estate Referrals

Real estate referrals have always been a lucrative source of leads for experienced agents. Referrals are usually the result of you providing such an exceptional customer experience that customers, friends and neighbors are all compelled to recommend your services to others. Knowing how to generate referrals is vital to building your business. and win organic […]

9 Real Estate Thank-You Notes That Create Clients For Life

When it comes to sending thank you notes to real estate clients, there are two schools of thought: Some agents never send them with the idea that clients should be thanked. Them, but smart agent Always Send thank you notes to buyers and sellers. Why? They understand that building a personal connection after closing a […]

Allied Real Estate School Review + Video Walk-Through

If you are looking to obtain your real estate license in California, you have several options for completing your 135 hours of pre-licensing education. One of those options is Allied Real Estate School, a company owned by OG education provider Colibri. Allied is the premier professional real estate school exclusively for Californians. But does their […]

What is Semi Detached House? (February 2023)

you + sharing it = us as best friends If you’re looking for a new home, you may be familiar with the term “semi-detached.” But, what is a semi-detached house? And, when comparing semi-detached versus townhouse, what’s the difference? What is a semi-detached house? A semi-detached house is a type of dwelling similar to a […]

Water not coming out of the shower head (Feb 2023)

you + sharing it = us as best friends One of the most annoying things that can happen in the shower besides no hot water is your shower head not working properly. The shower head may become clogged with minerals, or it may stop working due to an internal failure. In any case, it means […]

5 new real estate tech companies to watch in 2023

Every time our team at The Close attends a real estate conference, the topic of the economy is a silent, uninvited guest. And at Inman Connect in New York this January, that low-key appearance had everyone wondering whether a transitioning market would slow the emergence of real estate tech companies in 2023. Answer? not even […]

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