New proposed tax plan seeks to eliminate 1031 exchanges

in this article President Biden proposed Budget for FY 2024 Seeks to promote improved affordability and expanded access to healthcare and education while cutting taxes for low-income families and reducing the deficit, but the proposed money seeks to raise taxes on the wealthy and provide a significant tax break for real estate investors. comes from […]

How many mortgages can you have?

in this article Have you ever wondered how many mortgages you can have at once? In 2009, Fannie Mae updated its same-borrower policy, revising the maximum number of conventional mortgages a single individual can have from four to 10. In this post, we will discuss what it takes to have multiple mortgages (including an example), […]

Why You Should Use Rent Receipts as a Landlord

in this article Any taxpayer will tell you that you should keep a receipt for every business-related purchase, no matter how small. Yet, many landlords aren’t keeping a paper trail of what is often their most important form of monthly income: rent. A rent receipt is a simple document that shows that your tenant is […]

Can You Deduct Home Improvements on Your Taxes?

in this article Everyone would love to lower their tax bill and owe less money to the IRS. But did you know that you can write off home improvements on your taxes? The good news is that some home improvements can reduce your tax liability. For example, home upgrades that add value to your property, […]

7 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Use ChatGPT

in this article Artificial intelligence has been around for decades, but it seemed much more intuitive when it was just playing checkers. chatgptAn AI language processing tool developed by OpenAI can pass the bar exam, We’ve all seen and read enough science fiction material to have a tinge of fear that robots may be coming […]

What is Net Operating Income (NOI) in Real Estate?

in this article Net operating income (NOI) is an important real estate profitability metric to help you calculate the potential revenue of an investment property. NOI provides valuable data for determining whether to buy a property, estimate potential rental income, or increase rents to boost cash flow. The NOI formula is straightforward. You subtract operating […]

Increased supply may bring down multifamily prices this year

in this article Commercial real estate is facing stress from many directions. The primary stressor is rising interest rates, which are putting upward pressure on cap rates (which push asset values ​​down), making refinancing costs increasingly difficult and expensive. But another risk is looming, especially for the multi-faceted niche of commercial real estate: oversupply. Recent […]

What is cumming and is it legal?

in this article Cumulative refers to the combination or interaction of funds that may come from different sources or may be earmarked for different purposes. As a real estate investor, blending can help diversify your portfolio and expand your potential. As a property owner, you must clearly understand where your funds are coming from and […]

How The “Divider Effect” Is Affecting Real Estate Investors

in this article Do you want to destroy your wealth? I can teach you how. Do you want to create more wealth for yourself? I can teach you to do this too. Do you know about the divisor effect? in Finance and Investments,”divisor effectOccurs when the value of a portion of the portfolio decreases significantly […]

What is bonus depreciation and how does it work?

in this article Bonus depreciation lets you maximize your return and minimize your tax liabilities. With bonus depreciation, you can deduct a substantial portion of the cost of qualifying assets during the year they are placed in service. Unfortunately, understanding bonus depreciation, how it works, and whether it’s right for your real estate investment strategy […]

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