How To Market Your Real Estate Team So They Stand Out!

Although there is no “typical” home sale, there are many similarities in the process. As you know, most homes for sale are advertised in the MLS and have a sign out on the door and a lockbox. How many agents do you know who are either hesitant to spend the money needed to forcefully market […]

This Week’s $125 OddsPlus! The gift card winner is Sean Scruggs!

Shawn Scruggs recently sent out an Upload Your Own, custom postcard. To learn more about sending your own, Click here. Congratulations, Sean Scruggs, on winning this week’s contest! The following are the words from Sean Scruggs about his success in sending marketing from ProspectsPlus!, ,Amazing customer service… you proofread my mailer and made sure it […]

Make an unforgettable impression with your real estate website

According to a study by Nielsen Norman Group, your website visitors will leave your homepage within 10 to 20 seconds, unless you give them a reason to stay. “To hold a user’s attention for several minutes, you must clearly state your value proposition within 10 seconds.” Lose visitors here, where they land, and you lose […]

This Week’s $125 OddsPlus! The weekly winner is Chris Griffith!

Chris Griffiths recently sent a new, just-listed postcard to the market. to see more, Click here. Congratulations on winning this week’s contest, Chris Griffth! Chris Griffith from ProspectsPlus had the following words to say about his success in sending marketing! “We’ve used ProspectsPlus! for years with great results. They are fast and efficient! Both the […]

How Single Property Websites Help Sell Real Estate

As a real estate agent, you know that the best way to market your listing is through a property website. But did you know that single property websites can do much more than just help sell real estate? In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways that using a single property website will […]

This Week’s $125 OddsPlus! The gift card winner is Donna Cacioppo!

Donna Caccioppo recently ordered a postcard from the Stuff card series shown above. To see more from this series, Click here. Congratulations, Donna Caccioppo, on winning this week’s contest! Donna Cacioppo from ProspectsPlus had the following words to say about her success in sending marketing! “I love the customer service ProspectsPlus provides! As well as […]

A fun way to generate real estate leads!

According to Susan Mayer at, “A recent poll showed that 66% of Americans are not friends with their neighbors.” More than one-quarter of those surveyed participated in neighborhood groups online. While the Internet has taken away many Americans’ real-life relationships, all it takes is one person to rally neighbors to turn them into a […]

Do your sellers understand how important curb appeal is in the current market?

Although the return on investment for home improvements is not as significant as it once was, some home renovations are still wise investments and add value, especially in a changing or down market. According to associate professor Sriram Villupuram, who led a study from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), the latest research shows […]

This Week’s $125 Chances Plus! The gift card winner is Kevin Baksh!

Kevin Baksh recently sent a holiday postcard. To learn more about the Holiday Series Postcards, Click here. Congratulations, Kevin Baksh, on winning this week’s contest! Kevin Baksh from ProspectsPlus had the following words to say about his success in sending marketing! “I am always impressed by their excellent patience, understanding of my questions and how […]

Starting a Real Estate Team? here are some things to consider

Imagine a trip to a doctor’s office. You walk up to the front counter, and there she is ready to check you in for your appointment. Then, he or she is ready to accompany you from the waiting room to the exam room again. She examines you and is at the front desk to collect […]

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