Using technology and common sense to sell real estate

in this article “Three years ago in Phoenix, you could put a for sale sign on the front of a cardboard box and you could sell it,” says real estate broker Jay Thompson of Thompson’s Realty in Phoenix, Arizona. Today, of course, things are a little different, both in Phoenix and the rest of the […]

Buying a Home is a Bad Idea Myth

in this article Recently I came across this article which listed some of the reasons why buying a home is not a good long term investment. Admit that I strongly disagree with his argument and in this article I will thoroughly analyze his reasons why he is wrong. He bases his arguments through Shiller, the […]

How I bought “Australia’s cheapest house”

in this article The most common response I received from fellow investors when discussing my purchase of “Australia’s cheapest house” is either #1- You must have been extremely lucky. Or #2- the seller must have been extremely incompetent. Most of those who know me well can attest that I am a firm believer in making […]

How To Pull Down A Super Ugly House!

in this article In September of 2012, I officially moved from Australia to the US to pursue my dream of becoming a successful full time property investor. I touched down in Missouri and during the next six months I was very busy exploring the various opportunities the Kansas City market had to offer. It was […]

A “hood” I didn’t buy, 5 police cars and a gun pointed at me

in this article A few days ago, as I often do, I passed by several houses. In our market right now, nice homes are flying off the shelves – and usually for more money than they ever were. Dang it. That’s why I’m finding out more about new properties on the market to assess them […]

I Checked Out a Drug House So You Don’t Have to (With Pics!)

in this article In real estate, you are often flexible, and sometimes that means buying a home you would normally never consider. This is especially true in the Dallas Fort Worth market right now, as inventory months supply is less than 3 months. I once had a coworker who was a former Marine who served […]

Is Your Broker Crooked? How to use research to protect yourself

in this article When it comes to dealing with a broker, we can find articles that tell us what to look for. We are told to look for people with a track record, who are experts in working with investors and who are experts in the area we are interested in, but for some reason […]

Hope Thru Housing uses MLK grants to fund after-school programs

HousingWire: What can you tell us about Hope Through Housing’s mission? How will the MLK grant enhance this mission? Greg Bradbard: The Hope Through Housing Foundation (HOPE) is dedicated to breaking the generational cycle of poverty by providing quality services within affordable housing communities that empower individuals and families. Hope offers a range of programs, […]

Opinion: Don’t cut down on professional support services

The old adage that “the devil is in the details” can be applied to many different situations. And it can’t be denied that the title and settlement service industry, at its core, pays close attention to detail. After all, title insurance is only issued after a thorough examination of public records. But now, more than […]

Former Wyndham Capital executive launches Cornerstone Home Loans

Donnie Kirby, former vice president of national direct-to-consumer sales Wyndham Capital MortgageSpent more than 12 years at the Charlotte, North Carolina-based company before starting the mortgage broker shop cornerstone home loan, At Wyndham, Kirby led the expansion of the lender’s branches from Charlotte, North Carolina to Arizona, Texas, Utah and Missouri. When mortgage rates rose […]

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